Sale for Kids Pricing

Pricing Guidelines


General Pricing Guidelines

-$2 minimum on all items, price in whole dollar increments only

-Set prices fair and reasonable. This is a consignment sale, not a garage sale.  Do not drastically underprice an item just to get rid of it, the goal is to make as much profit as possible!

-Items may be discounted half price Sunday, the last day of the sale

*We sell over 80% of our items full price*

As a general rule, price the item 1/4 to 1/3 (and up to ½) of the original sale price. 

Brand name toys and larger items- around 50% of original price

Clothing- 20 to 35% of original price

Outfits- $4-15(higher for designer brands or multiple pieces) 

Coats- 25-35% of original price

Baby equipment-If like new and current design, 25-45% of original price

Furniture- 25-40% of original price

Cribs- $40 and up. 

Toddler and twin beds- $20 and up. 

Do not price cribs and furniture pieces together, price each item individually*

Toys- 25-40% of original price

Consider condition and popularity when pricing

Movies- DVDs/BLU RAY, $2-$8

Books-Approx. 25%-30% of original price

Ex. 2 to 3 Arthur paperback books approx. $3

List all titles on tag, list like books together

Large Plastic toys:(little tykes, Step 2) –from 35-50%, varying on condition

Higher if very current and in new condition, with no fading, etc. 

PRO TIP: Big ticket items tend to sell better if you print out a description from on line stores to show how much it cost new

If donating items or not picking up unsold items mark tags for donate! 

Get as much as you can before donating!


*Great Resource for sizing and pricing: