Working with My Sale Manager Inventory Program

Working with My Sale Manager Inventory Program



(PLEASE NOTE * It has been brought to my attention that tag printing from FIREFOX AND IOS has a bug and is causing tags to print incorrectly. Barcodes are scrambled and non readable.


My Sale Manager Inventory Program

My Sale Manager has UPDATED the inventory entry program.  

Please review this information before starting to enter inventory.  

You can now enter inventory from your PC/laptop , mobile phone/ tablet,  and voice entry.

If you need assistance in working any of the inventory entry options please contact Lisa at 724-433-8980.


The deadline to enter your items is Saturday April 18th at 11 pm 

* It is best to not wait until Saturday night to start your inventory.  There may be a delay in the program due to so many waiting to enter their inventory at the last minute

* You cannot make any changes to your inventory after this deadline, but you can print tags up until drop off

* Bookmark your consignor homepage in your favorites tab. You can go there to work with inventory, sign up to volunteer, and everything else you need to do online. 

Make sure pop-up blockers are off, or allow pop-ups from (If you forget your consignor number and/or password please email Lisa to reset a new password. I can view your consignor number not your password)

When you are ready to work with your inventory, select “Work with Consigned Inventory” on your homepage.  

*To work with your inventory for the upcoming sale, select “Work with My Consigned Items (Active Inventory)”.         

*There you will select boxes that best suit your items and fill in descriptions, price, etc.

*The most important part is being organized ahead of time!

Sort items by gender, size, and category before you sit down to enter them into the system.

-Categories for each size, 2T and up, are : tops, bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, leggings), dresses/dress clothes, outfits, PJs, outerwear.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

*Please select the correct category for each item. In the state of PA we are required to charge sales tax and the categories are set for this. By selecting the wrong category, you could be charging sales tax to items that should not be taxed.

*Selecting the correct Size also help in planning floor space at the sale. *

Please do not print Blank Tags.

When your item comes to the check out we verify that the item matched the tag. 

-If the tag has a description of "SHIRT" or 'PANTS" we have no way to verify it is the correct item. 

Each tag needs a category, size, and description. 

Having a full correct description on the tag helps keep track of your items. 

-This is also helpful when trying to find lost tags!

-If tags are not prepared correctly Westmoreland Sale for Kids is not responsible for lost or stolen items and payment will not be made for such items.

*This is also helps because you can print a variety of inventory reports based on category!

If you have a question or are not sure what category to use, you can call or email us.

724-433-8980 or 

Filing in descriptions:

*Select a numerical size for clothing

*Shoe sizes are listed separately in the drop down menu

*Description Line 1: Brand name and item in the first line. Examples: Old Navy denim shorts, Baby Einstein DVD Set, Xbox 360 Game {20 spaces)

*Description Line 2: (20 spaces) Please put specific identifiers- khaki camo cargo, First Signs, Lego Star Wars. The more specific you are in the key words in your description, the easier it will be for us to find it in the inventory if a tag is lost.

That means we’ll be able to sell it and credit your account even when a tag has been lost!

 Without a good description, we can’t sell an item with a lost tag

*Price: Minimum full price is $2.00

*Qty: Default # is 1. If you have several items that use this same description, enter the quantity here. You won’t have to enter each item individually. Doing this will produce a bulk number of tags and add those items to your inventory. 

*Check to Discount: If you select this box, your item will be discounted automatically on Sunday.  We cannot go back and change this information during the sale.

Once this box is checked, it will stay checked for other items by default until you uncheck it! 

*Discounted items outsell the things that are not reduced by 50% on Sunday!  This is something to consider when trying to decide about discounting. 

*Check to Donate: If you do not want an item back if it does not sell, check this box.  Again, once it is checked, it will stay checked by default. 

*Submit Item: Once you have entered the information for an item, click “Submit” button to add the item to your inventory. It will not be added if you do not click on this box! 


Ready to print your tags

Make sure your printer settings are set at default.

Please be sure your printer and computer screen is set to 100% or default.

If your settings are zoomed or minimized the tags will not print correctly and may not scan at check out. Tags should print 6 to a page of card stock.  

Card stock

65-67 weight WHITE (Found at Walmart $3.97, Staples, Office Max have it. It does cost more)

Heavier paper can be used but uses more ink

Do not use regular copy paper! The tags will not hold up and will fall off of items

**The quality of your tags directly affects your sales. 

Bar codes printed on standard paper don’t scan. 

Select one of the options (Print All Tags), (Print Selected Tags) from our on line tagging system. 

Be sure to turn off any pop up blocker you may have running. When you generate tags they pop up in a new window for easy printing. 

If your printer’s toner/ink is running out, this may be the time to get a new cartridge!

If you decide you want to change ANY information (price, donation, 1/2 price option etc.) AFTER printing a tag, a NEW tag will have to be printed. 

The tags you print are fully filled out and the bar code will be on the tag. 

You can print your tags either a few at a time as you enter them, or all at once at the end. 

Highly discourage reusing a sheet of paper to reprint tags (using the back of it)

It is hard to know which tag to scan if bar code is on both sides. 

Once you have your tags printed, follow instructions on how to attach your tags. 

Do not HAND write changes on the tags, such as price change or to donate item. 

What is printed on the tag is what will be followed. 

No exceptions. 

Following these steps will make this well worth your time. 

Please make a list of all items over $20. These items will need to be checked in and scanned at drop off.