Westmoreland Teen and Adult Clothing and More

Teen and Adult Clothing and More Consignor Guidelines

  • Minimum price on any item is $2.00; price in whole dollar increments
  • Sunday, Sept 29, 2019, 9-2 pm (items selected by consignor) will be sold for half price.
  • Each consignor must have a minimum of 25 pieces with the max number of items being 200 (new spring 2020)
  • All items should be freshly washed
  • A little extra time will help to sell your items
  • No garments with holes, stains, odor or excessive wear will be accepted
  • ·  Check garments to ensure snaps, buttons, zippers all work and are secured
  • ·  All clothing items need to be from the last 5 years
  • ·  Clothing on hangers with the hook facing left to look like a question mark
  • ·  Please hang clothes on hangers and attach tag to the left shoulder of the item if using safety pins or to the size tag at the collar. If using a tagging gun ONLY put on the size tag or at the seam. Don't poke holes in the fabric
  • ·  Pants should be pinned at the waist to the top part of the hanger to prevent them from slipping
  • ·  Sort items by size, gender and category before you come to drop them off

Size reference  
      Female Tops –XS (0, 1, 2) – S - (2, 3, 4) – M (5, 6, 7, 8) – L (9, 10, 11, 12) – XL (14, 16, 18); 
            XXL (20, 22); XXXL (24, 26)

      Female Bottoms- XS (00, 0, 1); S (2, 3, 4); M (5, 6, 7, 8); L (9, 10, 11, 12); XL (14, 16, 18);

            2XL (20, 22); 3XL (24, 26)

      Dresses/ Skirts - XS (0, 1); S (2, 3, 4); M (5, 6, 7, 8); L (9, 10, 11, 12); XL (14, 16, 18);

            XXL (20, 22); XXXL (24, 26)

      PJ’S/Loungewear - S – M – L  – XL –XXL –XXXL 

      Female Outerwear – XS (0, 1); S (2, 3, 4); M (5, 6, 7, 8); L (9, 10, 11, 12); XL (14, 16, 18); 

             XXL (20, 22); XXXL (24, 26)

      Female – Undergarments – will be sorted by size and cup.

      Female - Swimwear S – M – L – XL –XXL –XXXL 

      Male - Swimwear S – M – L – XL –XXL –XXXL 

      Male – Tops – Small, Med, Large, X Large, XX Large, XXX Large

      Male – Bottoms - XS, (27-28); S (29-31); M (32-34); L (36-38); XL (40-42); XXL (44-46);                      

            XXXL (50-52)            

Shoes  - Please only bring shoes that are in like new condition. Shoes that are torn and dirty will not       be accepted. Tie shoes together with curling ribbon or zip ties then PIN tag to ribbon.  Please DO NOT TAPE SHOES TOGETHER because people try on shoes at the sale 


  • Purses/Wristlets: (reminder it is illegal to sell counterfeit bags) pin tag to the strap or zipper pull or attach tag with a zip tie
  • Please make a list for all items over $20. These items will need to be checked in and scanned at drop off
  • Gowns - (Limit to 5 gowns per consignor)

                If you are bringing a gown (wedding, prom, formal) and have a dry cleaners, or clear bag                                           for the dress, please leave the dress in the bag to avoid it from getting dirty. 

                If the dress has straps or removable pieces please make sure they are attached in a                                            plastic zip lock bag to the hanger

  • Suits- Hang on suit hangers or heavy hangers from dry cleaners. Please list how many pieces make up the suit. (Jacket, Vest, Pant, or Jacket and Pants) in the description 
  • Fragrances/ Perfumes/ Lotions / Colognes. Please limit to brand names only. Attach the tag with string or rubber bands. Perfumes/Colognes and lotions will be displayed on our tables near the registers within jewelry/accessories. Westmoreland Sale for Kids LLC will not be responsible for lost, stolen, broken bottles. 
  • Books: Limited to 25 entries (individual books or Bundles of Books)

         * Attach tag to the Inside back cover of the book with Blue Painters tape. 

  • Game Consoles- must be in working order and have all cords and attachments.
  • Video Games: In original case, instructions or booklets included. Check each case to make sure game and instruction booklet is included.  All games accepted E, E 10+, T, M.
  • Music CDs and movie DVDs (rated up to M/R, (No X ratings and No VHS)
  • Sports Equipment: Any sports equipment in good condition for teen and adult use.


Places We Donate To

Consignors can choose to have their unsold items donated to the local charities.  
We have a few places that we are working with and are unable to track who gets what consignors donated items, so there will be no receipt for donating your items.  
You can pick up your items and donate them yourself if you want a receipt.  
We work with the following   
Open Hands Ministry,   
Alternative Yes Pregnancy Centers   
and other organizations to help those less fortunate.  
We have also in the past helped families who have had house fires and children have been displaced.