Westmoreland Teen and Adult Clothing and More

Computer and Printer .


You will use an online database to enter your inventory and  create the bar code tags at home. We do not accept hand printed tags. 

Hangers .


Plastic Store hangers that clothes are bought on work the best for the adult sale. Ask when you are buying something if you can keep the hangers. Ask the store if they have extra hangers. Some stores pitch the hangers at the end of the night.  

Wire hangers are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THIS SALE they don't hold clothing neatly for display.      

Ask your family and neighbors.      

Contact us, we may have some that we have collected over the off season. ​      

We give them out till all are gone. 

Ziploc Baggies/ Clear recycle bags:


 You will need ALL SIZES from snack size to the XX large storage size. Zip lock baggies are great to use for small pieces of games, puzzles and to attach accessories to clothing.       

Safety pins


Please use medium to large safety pins. 

Check Walmart Craft Section or JoAnns.  

Cleaners Supply company runs sales on bulk pins.      

NO tiny gold craft pins because these do not hold the clothes securely to hangers.       

NO straight pins or clothes pins. 

Tagging Gun


Tagging Gun with 1/2 - 1 inch barbs can be used to attach the tags. Do not use tagging barbs to hold clothing in hangers. It does not work. If you would please use only the short 1/2 in to 1 in barbs only. 

Contact me if you need 1 in barbs, I ordered 1 in barbs to have them in stock.   

2 inch barbs cause  them to hang to loosely and the tags fall off and cause the material to rip.   

They can be used to attach your  tags at the seams or the size tags at the collar. Please be aware of where you attach the tags when using tagging gun to prevent holes. 

Blue Painters Tape


Can be used to attach tags to the inside cover of book or onto the back of puzzles.  

Card stock: 65-67 weight WHITE


Card stock

65-67 weight WHITE (Found at Walmart $3.97, Staples, Office Max have it. It does cost more)

Heavier paper can be used but uses more ink

Do not use regular copy paper! The tags will not hold up and will fall off of items

Zip Ties and / or curling ribbon:


 Zip Ties and / or curling ribbon: can be used to secure shoes together or keep pieces together.    

Inventory Sheet for items priced $20 and more